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Our hail restoration technicians have decades of combined experience to insure that your car shines like it just left the dealership. Our Insurance specialists know the in’s and out’s of the various insurance companies and how to work with them to make sure they pay for the damages to your car quickly. We even cover the deductible for you!

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All estimates are free and our schedule is flexible to meet your needs. we can come to your work or home.

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Manage the insurance claim process

Our insurance specialists will process your claim for you! When you make an appointment, we come out and give you an on-site estimate. We can come to your work or home, whatever works for you! We will submit the estimate to your insurance adjuster, and negotiate on your behalf. We will provide detailed estimates and synopsis for the necessary repairs to ensure your vehicle is properly restored. Our organized and professional specialists will ensure the process goes smoothly and that you get the compensation needed to restore your car’s shine.

Restore your car’s perfect finish

Car restoration from hail damage is important for several reasons. First, it helps to maintain the value of the car. Hail damage can significantly reduce the value of a car, particularly if it is severe. Restoring the car back to its original condition will protect your financial investment. Secondly, it improves the aesthetic appeal of the car. Hail damage can be unsightly and make the car look worn out. Restoring the car can make it look as good as new. Finally, restoring a car from hail damage is at the cost of the insurance company. You pay your insurance company monthly specifically for events like this. It is time that you get what you paid for.

Exceptional customer service

At Hail The King, we strive to provide exceptional customer service to every client. We understand that dealing with vehicle damage can be stressful, which is why we go above and beyond to make the repair process as smooth and easy as possible. Our customer service representatives are always available to answer any questions or concerns. We believe that open communication and transparency are key to building trust with our clients, and we are committed to providing a positive experience from start to finish.

What is the process?

If you've never filed a hail claim before, it can be a bit confusing. If you've noticed some hail dents on your vehicle, give us a call. We will come out, assess the damage, and give you an estimate.

If you are ready to move forward, then you give us your insurance info and we get a claim started for you. Your vehicle needs to have full coverage in order to make a claim on your insurance.

Depending on the amount of damage, and your coverages, we may even be able to get you a free rental car to use while we are repairing your vehicle.

When you are ready to have the work done, we will come pick up your vehicle and drop off your rental vehicle. We will take your car to our secure repair shop where our technicians will immediately get to work on fixing the hail damage. We go above and beyond to return your vehicle to pristine condition!

As soon as it's ready, we will schedule a return drop off. We will also return the rental car for you.

Working with us couldn't be easier!

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